Much The Same

Much The Same were a staple in Chicago skate- and pop-punk from 1999, coming up with contemporaries Fall Out Boy and Plain White T’s. They chose their name through joking that they were a clone of the popular Fat Wreck bands.

Their first album Quitters Never Win was released in 2003 by Anti-Flag’s label, AF Records. That album launched Much The Same into tours with Rise Against, Against Me! and A Wilhelm Scream, shows with Bad Religion and Thrice, and even a revered slot on Warped Tour.

In 2006, Much The Same released Survive, which became their seminal release. It launched them into international fandom however, after feeling the strain of character clashes, Much The Same took a break in 2007.

The band reunited to perform a reunion show in 2011, with no intention to continue to write. Three years passed before they were ready to fully come back and begin on a new album. Punk rock welcomed them back with open arms and, after booking one show, it wasn’t long before they had been invited to Groezrock in Belgium and Off Limits in Mexico.

2019 saw Much The Same returning to form: releasing new album Everything Is Fine and pressing Survive on vinyl for the first time. Now in 2020, Much The Same decided to release their first album “Quitters Never Win” on vinyl as well, on 3 different labels: Lockjaw Records for UK & Europe, Thousand Island Records for US & Canada and Pee Records for Australia.