Our Darkest Days

Our Darkest Days is a Canadian skatepunk quintet formed in Quebec City in 2012 by former members and old friends, singer Vince Fournier, guitarist Dann Greene, guitarist Russ Almond and drummer Matt Leclerc. Bassist Jam Gosselin joined in 2013. Most of the members have been around playing punk rock fury for about 20 years, and still keep their flame as strong as always. After years of work, Matt Leclerc has been replaced by new drummer Guillaume Fortin in 2015 who increased the songs speed, and Russ replaced by Claude Plamondon who left in 2016. The line up was finally completed by the missing piece of the puzzle John Leblanc, later in the same year.

While working on music, they came to define a unique and original sound that would stand apart among any other bands. However, they have been influenced a lot by the 90's punk rock such as Ignite, Propagandhi, Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Strung Out etc. Their first demo has been released in 2013, followed by a split in Fall 2014 with Set It Back. They played several shows in the Eastern Canada.

After two years of live performance, they moved forward to a new writing process and entered in studio for their first full length "A Common Agony", with Fréquences Productions (Pierre Lemire & Michael Fontaine) and has been mastered by Daryl Phenneger. The album released in 2016 on Bird Attack Records, is fueled with thirteen mindblowing tracks, and a very energic and technical "unleash the beast" sound with fast drums, solid bass and guitar riffs, flawless pickings and solos, powerful and harmonious vocal melodies, many sudden stops, and an instant ear-catching throughout the whole album that leaves you wanting more.

Fast forward to 2020 to see the band join Thousand Islands Records who provided A Common Agony its the vinyl treatment. The band also announced the addition of Sean Connors as new drummer and went back in studio to start working on their next full length album, to be released on Thousand Islands Records in 2021. A taste of what’s to come was revealed with the first single “When Dust Settles” now available everywhere.