Stone Lions - Necking On and Kicking Off Vinyl


Debut LP from Australian pop-punks Stone Lions!


1. Burnt Out Lights
2. Don't Waste Your Time (ft. Mick Comte)
3. Party Like Kate Moss
4. Hey Boy (Wake Up)
5. The Start Of Something New
6. Apologies
7. Broken Record
8. Take Me Back
9. I Remember
10. Stereo
11. Therapy

Released September 27, 2019

Recorded by Antonio Hanna @ Freefall Studios
Mastered by Adam @ Sonomax
Mixed by Paul Frost & Antonio Hanna
Produced by Antonio Hanna, Chris Randles , Michael Matthews & Jason Tzieegankoff.
All songs written and & performed by Stone Lions.
Additional Vocals by Mick Compte.
Drums written & recorded by Jason Tzeegankoff.
Art Layout & Design by Pete Pee.

Pressing info:

125 X Opaque Blue
125 X Opaque Neon Pink

Cat# TIR-048