Winning Streak - Whichever Path You Take CD

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Debut album from Texas-based melodic punk rockers Winning Streak! Self-released on July 8th 2018.


1. Messages
2. Coming Up For Air (feat. Dave Nassie)
3. Where Does The Time Go
4. Whichever Path You Take (feat. Mike Herrera)
5. Your Bones
6. Liar (feat. Eddie Haddad)
7. Sleep Alone
8. The Things We Think We Know
9. Avarice
10. Warhawks
11. The Black Behind The Stars (feat. Gunner McGrath)

Winning Streak is: Andrew Palmer, Michael Hall, Sam Koehl

Chris Fogal (Black In Bluhm) - mastering
Michael Hall - mixing and production
DIY recorded in Salt Lake, Nashville, Houston, San Diego, Chicago, Bremerton, and mixed on an ancient macbook on a tour bus. Whoops.

Aaron Garcia (Escape Velocity, - writing (tracks 2, 8))
Brandon Moore - writing, piano (track 6)
Michael Hall (Kip Moore) - mixing, producer
Dave Nassie (No Use For A Name, Kip Moore) - guest guitar solo
Eddie Haddad (Eddie Money) - guest guitar solo
Mike Herrera (MxPx) - guest vocals
Gunner McGrath (Much The Same) - guest vocals

Cover photo - Kea Mowat,