Guilhem - Born & Bored Vinyl

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Born & Bored, the new solo album from Lost Love’s frontman, Guilhem! Available on Vintage Black vinyl.

Ships around July 3rd.

For digital:


1. Just A Little Bit Above The Bottom
2. Jurasticly
3. 5tr3sss
4. Sober Realism
5. Downward Spiral
6. Happy On Paper
7. Heart (Attack) Of Gold
8. Driving Nowhere
9. Slow Song
10. The Needs

This album was recorded in December 2019 at Mountain City Studio in Montreal, QC. After playing 150+ solo shows, I thought it'd be a great idea to record a full-length album but I didn't want to stick to an acoustic guitar and my voice so I decided to build these songs in "full-band" mode.

"Born & Bored" is 94% DIY (see credits for the remaining 6%) and is released 100% independently by yours truly.

In this album, I talk about stressful stuff, hopeful stuff, depressing stuff, death and love. The excitement of feeling young and the disappointment of being bored.

Most of the music & all the lyrics: Guilhem
Drums: Julien Blais
Some keys/guitars: David Carpentier-Laberge
Producer: Hugo Mudie
Engineer & Mix: Adrian Popovich @ Mountain City Studio
Master: Richard Addison @ Trillium Sound Mastering
Photo Credit: Pier-Anne Bilodeau

A Guilhem release under a distribution agreement with Thousand Islands Records.