Winning Streak - Whichever Path You Take (Remixed & Remastered) Vinyl

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Winning Streak's 2018 highly acclaimed debut album finally getting the wax treatment! Remixed and remastered for the occasion and limited to 250 colored LPs, including colored lyric insert!


Releases October 6, 2020

Winning Streak is:
Andrew Palmer
Michael Hall
Sam Koehl

Remixed by Michael Hall
Remastered by John Harcus at Harcus Audio
DIY recorded in Salt Lake City, Nashville, Houston, San Diego, Chicago and Bremerton

Dave Nassie (guitar, track 2)
Mike Herrera (vocals, track 4)
Eddie Haddad (guitar, track 6)
Brandon Moore (piano and writing, track 6)
Chris McGrath (vocals, track 11)

Special thanks to Aaron Garcia (writing instrumentals on tracks 2 & 8), Kea Mowat ( for the cover photo, Sebas Theriault at SterioDesign and Bruno and Cynthia at Thousand Islands Records.