Pulley - Together Again For The First Time Vinyl

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Originally released in 2001 via Epitaph Records, now for the first time on vinyl and cassette courtesy of Dusty Wax Records! Shipping around end of November 2020.

CANADA and ROW: Dustywax.com

Pressing Info:


150 Pink/Blue Merged with Green/Yellow Splatter
200 Clear cloud with Pink/Blue/Yellow Splatter
300 Marbled Pink


125 on 2 color cassette shell Blue/Pink


1. In Search
2. Hooray For Me
3. History Repeats Itself
4. Fuel
5. Empty
6. Lost Trip
7. Touched
8. Runaway
9. The Ocean Song
10. Destiny
11. Leather Face
12. Same Sick Feeling
13. Silenced

(C) & (P) Epitaph Records, Under Licence to Dusty Wax Records